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Rentokil N.A. - DBA - Presto-X


Exterminating & Pest Control Services

About Us

Rentokil is the world's largest pest control company, offering the broadest, most advanced range of pest control solutions and services in the industry. Rentokil supports more than half a million customers in over 80 countries worldwide. Pest control services // Companies ranging from corporate multinationals to small businesses are partnering with us as the global experts on pest control. Specialist disinfection services // Rentokil delivers a fast response, discrete and legally compliant range of disinfection services to help protect your business against infectious bacteria, viruses and disease. Digital pest control // A range of digitally enhanced connected pest management solutions providing commercial customers unrivalled data, insights and reporting to proactively prevent and manage pests. Fumigation // Container Fumigation, Grain Bin Fumigation, Fumigation Import/Export, Methyl Bromide Alternatives, Structural Fumigation

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