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Why OUR Chamber is Important to YOUR Business

Why OUR Chamber is Important to YOUR Business

Why OUR Chamber is Important to YOUR Business

Not that long ago, Chambers were synonymous with doing business. No one was in business without being connected to their local Chamber. With the rise of technology and a change in leadership as the older generation retires and a newer generation takes over the helm, today we feel it relevant to reacquaint/reestablish who we are, what we do!

Generally speaking; a chamber of commerce is a community of business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations who promote the interests of companies in their membership. Chambers of commerce provide networking opportunities and access to resources that help expand and market the growth of businesses each year.

Our story began in 1991; the Houston East End Chamber of Commerce has served as a connector of area businesses, advancing our business community by educating, energizing, and connecting a diverse group of leaders. Led by our President, Frances Casteñeda Dyess, the Chamber has created many networking events over the last 30 years, which have helped over 200,000 people expand their networking and grow their business.

Led by a dynamic and diverse Board, the East End Chamber has been a leading catalyst of change for our community steeped with rich history and culture. Our Chamber’s vision to promote economic expansion and investment in the East End is seen throughout the immense growth of new businesses and opportunities changing the landscape.

How can our chamber benefit your company? Our members have many opportunities to expand their network, positively impact their business and reinvest back into the community. The following are a few benefits our members enjoy:

  • Business Development
  • Professional Development
  • Power Connections
  • Community Engagement
  • Marketing Exposure
  • Advocacy
  • Credibility
  • Leadership Training
  • Employee Pride
Chambers offer a variety of incentives and benefits a business may not otherwise have access to receive. Our East End Chamber prides itself on its values of Impact, Exuberance, Sense of Community, and Excellence to create connections that can push each member’s vision into a new level of opportunity.

The Houston East End Chamber invites you to become part of our dynamic business community and take advantage of the opportunities to group your network of success, grow your revenue and create new/lasting partnerships. Let’s join forces and together make an impact on building a stronger business community to be #EastEndStrong!

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