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East End Chamber Celebrates Women in Business

East End Chamber Celebrates Women in Business

East End Chamber Celebrates Women in Business

March is Women’s History Month. A time to commemorate and celebrate the contributions women have made in our society. What better time to highlight leaders such as our Chamber President, Frances Dyess, and the platforms she provides to recognize the stories of other powerful women in our East End community.

For over 30 years, the East End Chamber of Commerce has served the area. Since 2009 Frances has been at the helm, and the Chamber has seen a tremendous impact on our community. A native Houstonian having grown up in the East End, Frances’s passion for her community is refreshing. She has been a staunch advocate for providing opportunities for women to showcase their journey in various industries such as transportation, construction, banking, entrepreneurs, and many more.

One example of the chamber providing a platform for women is our upcoming 4th Annual East End Women in Business Luncheon (WIB), where we get to hear from inspiring and trailblazing women who are changing the ever-evolving industries of Houston.

Some of the amazing past speakers of the luncheon have included Owner/Operator of Chick-Fil-A at 45 & Wayside, Becky Chin, President & CEO of Possible Missions, Inc., Paula Mendoza, and Former Chairman of Metro, Carrin Patman, to name a few.

Our Chamber recognizes the importance of opening doors to partnerships many women may not otherwise have access to in helping their businesses grow. The luncheon, scheduled for Tuesday, March 8, promises to be another prominent event spotlighting the talents of various women as they share their inspiring career journeys. This year’s speaker lineup includes the Owner of Gulfgate Animal Hospital, Dr. Kathy Palmer, Co-Owner of Roostar, Linda Nguyen, Owner of Jinka Premium LLC., Kim Edwards, and Commissioner of the Port of Houston Authority, Wendy Montoya Cloonan.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said- “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” The East End Chamber is not only a changemaker but a resource for members to make their visions for their business a reality by educating, energizing, and connecting a diverse group of leaders to continue to serve and elevate our community.

How do you celebrate Women’s History Month? Who are some of the women pioneers and leaders you admire in the community?

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