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3 Tips to Show Client Appreciation

3 Tips to Show Client Appreciation

3 Tips to Show Client Appreciation

February is a month to show love and appreciation and what better time to share tips for giving back! So, we asked our President, Frances Dyess, for 3 tips on how to maintain or grow professional relationships by showing appreciation and here they are:  

Tip #1: Show and Give Gratitude

Recently, our chamber held its annual Vision Luncheon with over 250 attendees. Frances used this opportunity to acknowledge the many sponsors and members that helped make the event a success. A simple acknowledgment can go a long way in cultivating relationships that turn strangers into long-time members.

Our Chamber provides many opportunities to publicly recognize its members including groundbreaking ceremonies, ribbon cuttings, virtual programs, and hosting events at member company locations. The Chamber is always front and center honoring the accolades of its members and their work throughout the year.

The Chamber also takes a more personal approach at our annual East End Awards Celebration. While there is broad recognition for organizations, we like to honor the individuals in categories such as the Male and Female Executive Award.

So, regardless of the gesture being large or small, private or public, always remember to take the time to show gratitude; and no, it’s never too late!

Tip #2: Know Their Interests

People do business with people they like and who have common interests.

Getting to know our members’ personal interests and passions is just as important to cultivating client appreciation and understanding their business needs.

It’s not unusual to come across members that share the same personal interest in causes. Barrio Dogs, for instance, is a Chamber member that raises funds so that every pet can receive free spay/neuter, vaccinations, and a microchip.

Here at the chamber, we love our pets. Because of her love for dogs, it’s not unusual to see our President, Frances and her adorable German Shepherd, Joy, at these events supporting Barrio Dogs in fulfilling their mission.

So go the extra mile to learn about the person behind the brand and find out their likes; you will be surprised at the long-lasting relationships you will create!

Tip #3: Interact with Members on Social Media

Social media is not loved by all, and we acknowledge there are definite platform usage variances based on generations. However, social media does provide a way to stay connected and not only grow our “brands” but also our personal relationships.

Our chamber strives to actively be involved with our members as they grow and advance their businesses. Whether it's through networking or sharing a social media post, our chamber recognizes the importance of being invested and involved with our members.

Staying connected through networking events is great but staying connected online is a vital way to inform and interact with members. In addition to our East End Chamber page for traditional brand usage, we also created a “community” East End Strong group page. This page allows community interactions to highlight what is going on in the community, such as lunch and dinner specials from various member groups' upcoming event promotions, and remind everyone to #supportlocal from East End vendors like a small shop on the Navigation Esplanade during the weekends for example.

There’s no blueprint when it comes to client appreciation. A company can show its dedication to customers in a wide range of ways. What are some things your company does to foster meaningful customer relationships?

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