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The Customer's Lens: Navigating the Path to Exceptional Business Value

The Customer's Lens: Navigating the Path to Exceptional Business Value

The Customer's Lens: Navigating the Path to Exceptional Business Value

How can businesses provide excellent value?

Business owners first must understand what their customers perceive to be great value. There is a difference between actual value and perceived value. The business can be going above and beyond what is necessary and providing excellent value, but the customer does not see the value. The modern world we live in allows us to see what the customer is thinking because of social media. Businesses need to monitor social media in all forms and modify their business model to correct any issues that are causing negative feedback immediately. No matter how hard your sales team is working, the business cannot be successful with a 1-star rating. Remember, your customers, likely already have been on a web browser before showing up at your door or will go to a web browser and check you out after your sales person has paid a visit.

First and foremost, your business must provide excellent value and quality. If your business is not reputable or legitimate, your sales personnel, receptionist, company representatives, etcetera, will not be confident and secure enough to go the extra mile to sell your products and services! For customers to perceive excellent value you must employ confident, competent, understanding, and knowledgeable employees. This will give customers the confidence to spend money with you.

Consider this: 

Most people cannot afford to buy a Ferrari or McLaren. But, if they could, would they?

  • Buy from a place that is filthy and nasty with weeds growing against the building and through cracks in the driveway, or deal with a salesperson with body odor, a bad attitude, and tattered appearance? 
  • Buy from the place that is clean overall with friendly employees. The business may show a little wear but appears to be well maintained and managed.
  • Do business with a place that is sparkling clean, with no customer cars parked out front? 
All three may be doing everything perfectly! One may be the cheapest place in town, yet another may be the most expensive, while yet another may be the most profitable. Which business are you? Maybe, you are a mix of all three! Which one do you want to be? 

Ways your business can increase sales and provide excellent real value and perceived value!
  • Provide unequalled service during and after the sell.
  • Offer a “no-questions” warranty on your product. If you cannot offer a warranty, what does this say about your product’s quality and value.
  • Make every attempt to resolve issues as quickly as possible.
  • Say what you can do and then do what you say. Communicate! Within our group several languages are spoken! You do not want employees with poor communication skills to be the face of your business.
  • Everyone has two ears and one mouth. Listen to what the customer is saying before asking questions. 
  • Some customers are relying on you to tell them what they really need.
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? How much does it cost for an employee or customer to post an occasional video on social media? Word of mouth is still very effective advertising!
Guest Author: Doug Walter, Shop Foreman 
Brought To You By: Kacal's Auto & Truck Service

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