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Safety, Diversity, and Talent: Excargo's Vision for the Future of Transportation

Safety, Diversity, and Talent: Excargo's Vision for the Future of Transportation

Safety, Diversity, and Talent: Excargo's Vision for the Future of Transportation


Look all around you, everything was transported to you somehow. Transportation is critically important to our quality of life and our economy. The field is ever evolving and never boring for certain. This factor either attracts or repels talent. Transportation is not for the faint hearted!

Excargo Services Inc is a niche trucking company that focuses on serving importers and exporters. We are called intermodal or dray haulers. Our business interfaces with freight forwarders, warehouses, US Customs, steam lines, railroads, and logistics services which are also facets of transportation themselves.  

Trucking is very specialized and diverse. We have dray, truckload, less than truckload, movers, flatbed carriers, truck brokers, refrigerated haulers, tank haulers, delivery services, postal haulers, oilfield carriers, household movers… the list is long and then it separates further. All trucking requires its own type of equipment, insurance, permits and skill sets.

Here is the latest American Trucking Research Institute data from 2022:

  • The trucking industry generated $940.8 billion in gross freight, moving 11.46 billion tons of freight.
  • Trucking’s revenues accounted for 80.7% of the nation’s freight bill (rail, air is less)
  • Trucks moved 61.9% of the value of surface trade between the U.S. and Canada and 83.5% of cross-border trade with Mexico, for a total of $948 billion worth of goods.
  • There were 8.4 million people employed in trucking-related jobs, up 405,000 from the previous year, which includes 3.54 million professional truck drivers.
  • Women make up 8.1% of the industry’s drivers – an all-time high and the seventh straight annual increase.
  • Most carriers are small companies – 95.8% of fleets operate 10 or fewer trucks and 99.7% operate 100 or fewer. 
It is said that if trucks stop, America stops. We are only days away from medicine, food, and other critical commodity outages. The supply chain is very complex, and its success relies on accurate information and well-integrated systems.
Excargo is truly in the information business. We are online with all parties: ports, customers, rail, and ocean carriers. Visibility to cargo data is essential. We were fortunate to realize that early on and made this a competitive advantage. While data is key, we are also heavily reliant on teamwork and great committed people to solidify our culture and success.

Excargo is proud to be a national truck safety award winner and strives to attain accident-free status daily. We select drivers based on their safety attitude and performance.  As our region grows, so do the distracted and aggressive driver behaviors. Please help us share the roads safely, do your part!

Transportation is a very rewarding career and offers a variety of options. We are delighted that schools have embraced logistics education and will fast track talent to good paying jobs.

Guest Author: Marcia Faschingbauer, President
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